Your one stop differential specialist.

New Central Location !!!

Now At 4/85 High St Melton

Why Choose Karls Differentials

Karls Differentials has a purpose built facility with top of the line equipment. We are your one stop shop for everything differential. From differential repairs, differential upgrades, differential change overs and everything else differential.

Karls differentials is dedicated to fair, honest and reliable service

Differential problems?

Differential problems can often be hard to diagnose. That's why we will always ask you to come in so that a specialist can test drive your vehicle and diagnose it for you.

Dedicated to making cars run smooth

Karls experience and attention to detail makes him your best bet for: reconditioning, repairing, custom conversions and differential changeovers for all popular makes and models.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Our friendly customer service and affordable prices puts us first amongst all others. We make sure you get the best value for your money.


We believe when it comes to the performance and longevity of your diff, you should have an experienced differential specialist fit genuine (OEM) or the best quality aftermarket parts.

karls differentials will repair that noisy differential
before it becomes a breakdown

Get your car ready for the open road

Karls Differentals will give you and your family the satisfaction of knowing your car is in tip top shape and ready for the highway.

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